So, December is almost over

December is almost over and since Sel was working, we have not really done any big thing with Christmas and soon I am leaving the country for Sweden again.

But it has almost gone a year and we have been moving from Ormiston ´til Peebles and have settled in just fine. The Sheeba was away on her own adventure yesterday so now we also know where the police station is, where we picked the little criminal up again.

So in all..?

Here´s a picture of my own Christmas gift to myself.


Camping with zie doggies II

... more, more and more pictures. We had quite a dreadful windy night to be honest, and none of us got much sleep, but the Sunday-walk totally made up for it! 



You've already seen one of the beach pictures, and therefore - have some doggie ones:




 Fika break. 




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Camping with zie doggies.

Right. I've been wanting to go camping with the pooches for quite some time now, but the weather has definately been trying it's mighty best to convince me not to. Hence the short notice when I on the Friday decided - Yes, lets go tomorrow! 

One of the horses at work (Mention no names and there be no villains) stomped my toe really bad a couple of days ago, but what the hell, right?


Ugly is as ugly does.. at least it wasn't raining. 

And thus, after some few hours spent trying to find me a decent back pack, I had Vildkatt Drive me out to Seton Sands and went a-walking. We walked. And we walked. And we walked. 

Fortunately we did NOT find any jellyfish:


... this time. But we Did find amazing butterflies that where unfortunately out of focus


... and some other wildlife..


 We ventured along some nice beaches.. 


.. and stuff! More to come. XD 

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Alrighty then! There seems to be some sort of 'huff' about me and Vildkatt visiting England even though we Do live in Scotland.  (some people seem to think we don'ne know the difference. ; P ) 

Here goes. Leaving Scotland:


Enter England: 


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road trip to.....

A couple of weeks ago we decided to take a road trip down towards Newcastle (that's in England) to buy some penis penis fish. 

We passed Jedburgh:


 ... where there was some awsome hstorical stuff and also The Best Sandwiches like.. EVER!  

Along the way we also found THIS sign:

.. and while it took us some time to locate it we are happy to confirm that yes, there IS a Jedi Water: THERE IT IS!


On another note. 

Sometimes, in England, thay have really narrow bridges. 

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